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hii!! welcome to this silly little website (´。• ᵕ •。`)

i'm masameow, an argentinian girl who aspires to work as a web developer in the future

i've been making websites with crappy website makers for as long as i can remember, but i only got into actual web development fairly recently, two or three years ago maybe..? anyways, i am absolutely in love with it, i've been doing digital art for a while now and this feels like a brand new tool for me to play with, which is very refreshing ⸜(*ˊᗜˋ*)⸝ that is why this year i'll be studying to become a full-stack developer! very exciting, more so considering i didn't know what i wanted to study in uni until i started getting into this amazing world.

Anyways, please note that some pages on this site may be incomplete or even broken, don't be scared to let me know if something looks too broken though!!! I only work on this site on my free time which is often occupied by watching youtube, singing and hanging with my girls, so bear with me please (。T ω T。)

i'll be updating this site whenever i have the time (...and energy) to do so... thanks for reading! feel free to leave a little comment in my guestbook or the chatbox below if you'd like <3

my webrings <3


death is inevitable, memento mori

update log!

june 2, 2024 - Sorry for dissapearing like that! i'm in my first year of uni, (studying web design and development!!) so my hands are full atm ( ; ω ; ) I'll update as soon as i'm on winter break, promise.

feb 25, 2024 - currently working on the new layout!! was getting bored of the last one, the idea was nice but i was so lost while making it since it was my first time doing a site from scratch so it looks kinda bad and overall messy.

feb 23, 2024 - came back from my holidays and updated the shrines section! my club penguin shrine is now up (≧◡≦) ♡

jan 26, 2024 - just finished the marie antoinette shrine!! i wanted to put it in the shrine section BUT I REALIZED I HAVEN'T CODED THAT YET UGGGGHHHHHH;;;; it should be easy but everytime i see my blog i'm less and less satisfied with how it looks, it's annoying (×_×)⌒☆

oct 7, 2023 - updated again!! hope y'all noticed. I drank a total of 3 liters of tereré while coding today and i'm feeling the consequences as we speak, i don't regret a thing though... anyways, i'm now part of the wiiring! i also finally coded the links and history sections, i'm thinking of making a microblog with these updates... idk

sep 30, 2023 - i've been working on this layout (well... actually the whole site lol) for 2 days?? or 3?? idk but i'm surprisingly proud of myself! ♡ i hope i don't lose motivation... (also, please admire how cute this little updates box is!! i spent way more time than i should've on this thing)

to-do list!

- re-do about me

- finish marie antoinette shrine

- make microblog

- make journal

- make personal button

- shrines!!! in general!!!